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Checking In

by Jen on June 17, 2014

A lot has happened since my last post, and I certainly didn’t mean to go so long between updates (oops!)

We listed our house!
We sold our house.
We made an offer on a house in Kalamazoo.
We accepted their counter-offer.

Four short sentences. Lots of work! I am so, so thankful that most of the selling process is behind us. With two little girls, a black dog who sheds a lot and my post-partum hair-loss, I have had more than enough of cleaning/organizing/vacuuming. OH MY WORD. The hair! 

We close on everything next week and then have 30-days before we have to be out of our house in Grand Rapids. So…if you are in the GR area and want to help pack…or babysit…or bring wine over… ;) 

I am excited for this next phase of our lives. It will be so nice having Dave home before 7 every night. Our family-time in the evening will finally consist of more than rushed meals, bath time and bedtime. It is a little unsettling for me to move to a new city when I have lived in the same city since birth, but 45 minutes is still so close to everything and everyone that I know and love! Not to mention, Kalamazoo has some great restaurants and amenities! 

So for now, we pack. And obsessively look at furniture. Seriously. Need. To. Order. Furniture.

Oh well, the carpet will be comfy enough! Thanks for your patience while we make the transition!


  • http://thelemonbowl.com Liz @ The Lemon Bowl

    I’m sad you’re moving!! I will miss our play dates. Congrats on the new exciting chapter!!

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