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Home Goals {2011}

by Jen on January 6, 2011

‘Tis the season for resolutions….gag. I’ve never really made New Year’s Resolutions because they are kind of meaningless and empty to me. Sure I can want to lose weight. But I always WANT to lose weight, so what’s new? Saying I’ll exercise a whole bunch is kind of lame and meaningless. I also think it would be great to read through the Bible in a year, but I always forget to get started until February, and then I’m behind an entire month.

But when I think of them as GOALS, things I can actually cross off a list {I love crossing things off my to-do list, sometimes I make one just so I can cross stuff off} then they become more attainable. Maybe it’s a mental thing. Either way, I’m inspired to write down my goals, starting off with Goals for my Home, as inspired by The Nester. {Can one of my goals be to BE her?}

Pre-move in, just after the couch was delivered!

We bought our house three years ago out of foreclosure. It was gross. Gross, gross. Simple Green became my favorite cleaning product ever and we put in a lot of sweat-equity. Since getting married and moving in we haven’t done a lot to change or complete what we started. Sure, we’ve added a couple vintage radios and several accessories, but not much more than that.

2011 Home Goals

  1. Paint the upstairs hallway. Seriously. It is so past time for this project to be finished.
  2. Paint the bathroom upstairs.
  3. Finish the curtains for the dining room.
  4. Browse Etsy for additional artwork for all rooms. This will be a fun one!
  5. Get the soy sauce stain out of the living room rug.
  6. Finish painting the bench for the master bedroom.
  7. Keep laundry room in semi-organized state.
  8. Stop piling everything on the desk. Seriously, stop it.

What goals do you have for your home in 2011?




This post is linked up to 2011 Home Goals by The Nester

  • http://www.adayinthelifeoftheperkinsfamily.blogspot.com destiny

    Hi! I’m coming to you from the Nester! What a great space and I love your couch! I laughed when I read your list because I have a bench sitting in our Master that is half painted!! I forgot to add that to my list!
    Good luck with your list and Happy New Year!

    • http://jstudiodesigns.wordpress.com Jen Huizinga

      Thanks for visiting! My bench is currently in the garage waiting for warmer weather…not likely in Michigan!

  • http://www.buistmedia.com Eric Buist

    I will be checking up on this…

    • http://jstudiodesigns.wordpress.com Jen Huizinga

      Just trust me on this.

  • http://humanitarikim.wordpress.com humanitarikim

    oooh! I really like your new sofa! I refuse to get a new one until I am without large shedding dog I affectionately call Athena. Good luck on your 2011 goals! I’m sure it will all look lovely.


    • http://jstudiodesigns.wordpress.com Jen Huizinga

      Thanks for visiting! I love love love our sofa (it is no longer new, but I was feeling lazy and it was the only pic I could find quickly!) Microfiber is a must with our dog!

  • http://thewanderingcottage.blogspot.com Paige

    Great goals! Let me know if you get the soy sauce out. I have a couple of pet stains I can’t get out.

  • HannahJoy

    Just a note on reading through the Bible in a year. My Grandma May told me that if she reads for half an hour every day she can read through the Bible two or three times each year. She says that she used to be able to read it through three times but as she’s gotten older it’s closer to two and a half. So every day she sets her timer and reads. It’s pretty encouraging for me to see her commitment to read every day.

    • http://jstudiodesigns.wordpress.com Jen Huizinga

      Thanks for the tips, I’ll have to try it! I like the idea of having a set time rather than specific passages to read.

  • http://cottageandvine.blogspot.com/ Rene

    Number 8 has my name all over it :)


    • http://jstudiodesigns.wordpress.com Jen Huizinga

      I started working on this one today, we’ll see how it lasts, I’ll post pictures next week (including the messy “before” shot.)

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